Estonian green economy companies attend IFAT 2016 in Munich

Estonian green economy companies attend IFAT 2016 in Munich

From 31 May to 2 June, a delegation from the Green Economy Cluster (formerly the Waste Recycling Cluster) will attend IFAT 2016 in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair related to the environment.

IFAT is a specialised trade show, where innovative solutions and new services for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management and recycling are introduced; along with areas of implementation for contemporary environmental technologies and their development at the broadest international level.

A record number of people from the Green Economy Cluster will be attending this year with 38 specialists comprising the delegation. The delegation includes various partner companies, including businesses dealing with waste treatment and recycling, along with the representatives of water companies.

Margit Rüütelmann, the project manager of the Green Economy Cluster, said that the great interest in the fair shows that the recycling of wastes, innovative solutions for making products from recycled wastes, and the development and implementation of new technologies is a priority among the green economy businesses in Estonia.

One should also definitely keep in mind the impact of the implementation of the circular economy package by the European Commission on the economies of Estonia and the rest of Europe. The main objective of the circular economy is to prevent and reduce wastes, and implement environmental protection, and this will require fundamental changes in the European economy to be made. Therefore, the economical utilisation of resources is becoming an increasingly significant topic.

The exhibitors at the IFAT in 2014 included 3,081 companies from 59 countries, of which 44% were from Germany and 56% from the rest of the world. IFAT 2014 was visited by 135,288 people from 168 countries.